Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Program (SORPP)

Task 7

Carrying Capacity Analysis

The Regional Partners shall:

    • Using GIS guidelines as described on page 5 of the Grant Contract in Special Conditions Nos. 18-20, establish common factors or criteria, in accordance with Executive Order 12-07, section 5, to determine the appropriate level and types of uses for lands eligible for consideration for alternative forest land designation, alternative farm parcel size opportunities, or to be re-designated as non-resource land. The factors or criteria shall be applied to sample areas in each county. The number, size, and location of the sample areas shall be representative of all land identified for consideration in Task 5.
    • Prior to Task 7 product submittal, conduct at least one noticed public meeting in Douglas County, Jackson County, and Josephine County, at which public comment is allowed.

Task 7 Products

    • 7-1 Maps, data, and narrative showing the results of the carrying capacity analysis on the identified sample areas.
    • 7-2 Minutes of required meeting.

Task 7 Product Submittals