Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Program (SORPP)

Task 5

Assessment of Resource Lands

Using technical studies and GIS data, the Regional Partners shall, in consultation with appropriate state agencies, analyze lands currently designated for farm and forest use to:

Explore establishing regional criteria or factors for designating:

  • Alternative forest land designation, including revised methods for the authorization of dwellings. This also includes providing additional tools to manage interface areas with non-commercial forest characteristics and to protect other forest values.
  • Alternative farm parcel size opportunities characteristic to southern Oregon agricultural lands management and emerging agricultural practices while protecting other farm values.

Explore establishing regional criteria or factors for determining which lands should not be designated under Goals 3 or 4, consistent with the requirements of Executive Order 12-07.

Using GIS data from Task 4 and specified GIS guidelines, map all of the land in each county in the region that will be under consideration for alternative forest land designation, alternative farm parcel size opportunities, or to be re-designated to non-resource land. The maps shall be compiled using consistent data and methodology and shall be displayed in a uniform format across the region. The criteria of methods shall be consistent across the region.

Each Regional Partner shall conduct at least one noticed public meeting, at which public comment is allowed.

Task 5 Products

  • 5-1 Technical Study Report identifying any criteria or methods established under this task.
  • 5-2 Maps as described above.
  • 5-3 Agenda, signup sheets, minutes, and results of required meeting(s).

Task 5 Product Submittals