Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Program (SORPP)

Task 4

Data Acquisition - Mapping and Associated Data

Each Regional Partner, using GIS guidelines as described on page 5 of the Grant Contract in Special Conditions Nos. 18-20, shall develop maps and associated data regarding issues pertinent to subsequent analysis identified in Tasks 5, 6, and 7. The maps shall be consistent and compiled using existing data and methodology and shall be displayed in a uniform format across the region. 

Task 4 Products

4-1 Maps showing the following the the entire counties of Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine:

  • Soils capability for farm use
  • Forest productivity
  • High-value soils as defined in ORS 195
  • Groundwater resources
  • Goal 5 inventory areas
  • The most recent wildlife mapping with GIS data from ODFW
  • Fire protection districts
  • Parcelization and existing development
  • Current farm, forest, non-resource, and exception-area plan and zone designations
  • Level of utilization of existing rural residential lands
  • Areas of natural hazards and other development constraints

Task 4 Product Submittals