Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Program (SORPP)

Task 3

Ongoing Project Administration and Oversight

The Regional Partners and RVCOG shall:

  • Maintain regular communication with DLCD, other state agencies, and each other during the course of organizing and carrying out the Pilot Program.
  • Establish and maintain Steering Committees comprised of one county commissioner and the planning director from each county to oversee the progress of the Pilot Program and report to respective boards of commissioners.
  • Maintain a consistent message regarding the progress and content of the Pilot Program.
  • Establish and maintain information available via the Web regarding the progress of the Pilot Program, public participation opportunities, and data and materials developed under this grant.
  • Establish a technical advisory committee for its respective county to review data and information and provide comments and recommendations to the County and Regional Partners regarding the completeness and accuracy of data and other tasks as the Regional Partner County assigns. To present a balanced approach, the committee shall include but not be limited to, local members with expertise in the following fields: farming, ranching, forestry, special districts, mining/aggregate, economic development, land use, and city government. The committee shall also include ex-officio members from DLCD, members from the Oregon Departments of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife, Forestry, Land Conservation and Development, Transportation, and Water Resources; and affected Indian Tribes. DLCD will ensure participation by other State Agencies.
  • Develop a uniform method and format to create and disseminate data and information generated by the Regional Partners.

Task 3 Products

  • 3-1 Regional Partners provide evidence that steering and technical committees were established and documentation of their participation during the process of developing data, analysis, and program deliverables.
  • 3-2 Website accessible from RVCOG's and each Regional Partner County’s current site containing information pertinent to the public, state agencies, and stakeholders regarding
    the Pilot Program.
  • 3-3 Examples of methods and format Regional Partners will employ in the generation and communication of data, maps, and information as part of the Pilot Program.

Task 3 Product Submittals